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# wiki-to-print
Slightly adapted version of <>, in continuation of <> and <>.
Installed at: <>.
The code of the wiki-to-print instance that is running on the *creative crowd* server is published at [Varia's Gitea]( under the [CC4r]( license.
## Continuations
This project is inspired by and builds upon several previous iterations
of and experiments with mediawiki-to-pdf workflows:
- [Hackers & Designer](\'s work on
- [TITiPI](\'s work on [Infrastructural
- [Manetta](\'s work on [Volumetric
- [Constant](\'s and
[OSP](\'s work on
- [many
Writing and notes on wiki printing practices:
* <>
* <>
* <>
## How does it work?
When you create a page in the `Pdf` namespace on <>, it will load the wiki-to-print buttons in the navigation bar:
- `CSS!`
- `View HTML`
- `View PDF`
- `Update text`
- `Update Media`
You can transclude pages into this page, structure your publication and edit the CSS.
- When you click `View HTML`: the Flask application returns you a HTML version of the page.
- When you click `View PDF`: the Flask application returns you a HTML version of the page, loaded with Paged.js. The HTML page is rendered into pages, giving you a preview of the PDF. You can use the inspector to work on the lay out.
- When you click `Update text`: the Flask application makes a copy of all the text of the page and saves it to a file on the server (in the `static` folder).
- When you click `Update media`: the Flask application downloads all the images on the page and saves tem to a folder on the server (in the `static` folder).
## In this repository
* **command-line**: Python script to work on a local copy of your publication
* **wiki-to-print**: Flask application that renders a wiki page into HTML