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crunk b6c001b8eb template for pdf and image upload 2 months ago
crunk b499fea9cf refactoring some file names and locations 2 months ago
crunk 5e48463403 small fixed 2 months ago
crunk f393f7389f moved form code to application folder 2 months ago
crunk fe0aa6e826 more unstructured css wrangling 2 months ago
crunk 7a0d84cec3 further login styling 2 months ago
crunk 8f27a86514 icons for login 2 months ago
crunk 6010b76309 user login part 2 2 months ago
crunk c18f7735f5 clear diff 2 months ago
crunk c77661e985 user login scaffolding 6 months ago
crunk 4a2e6f76ca black autoformatting 6 months ago
crunk 452bf73b84 upload pdf added to template and form 6 months ago
crunk e779a764b4 added option to download pdf 6 months ago
crunk 36090a402c deleted custion and borrow fields 6 months ago
crunk 0c21688c00 adding flexible title from settings file 6 months ago
crunk a99abc0b09 moving towards settings.toml for config 6 months ago
crunk 200b689f55 remove varia specific code 10 months ago
crunk 52b513bc2a search as part of flask 10 months ago
crunk d306b61b2d search the library 11 months ago
crunk c35f80582c pompidom 12 months ago
crunk ad11579ada search bar placeholder 12 months ago
crunk 58a2f4f062 main title is index link 2 years ago
crunk 70a0095279 some hours of responsive css hand-to-hand combat 3 years ago
crunk 6e0cf41c1a some small css fixes and straigtening out the menu bar 3 years ago
crunk a4986a2e84 added photo upload functionality but this is a work in progress 3 years ago
crunk e5a43b49b3 added a favicon 3 years ago
crunk fd7dc36b52 tested upload functionality with magium zine 3 years ago
crunk acc7d0da1a added a small bcrypt secret to protect edit pages 3 years ago
crunk dc1e3ce99f csv writer! you can add books now 3 years ago
crunk 469dfdd892 WIP uploadform, Up next is the CSV writer 3 years ago
crunk a34cc1f634 Upcoming or latest event page 3 years ago
crunk 8fce482348 Added recommended books on past events page 3 years ago
crunk 8d80bb7c17 start of a WIP past events page 3 years ago
crunk 608b6baacb added SVG for upcoming and past read and repair events + css 3 years ago
crunk 1e714efb1d unsure whether interface should look like this 3 years ago
crunk 11b80eb5da Improvement to filter, you can now see what you have selected 3 years ago
crunk c595ce8658 luckily we have more copyleft than copyright books, also there is a single book view 3 years ago
crunk 0e9506e326 fixed small issue in vanilla js filter idea 3 years ago
crunk d0dac94911 added year filter and cleaned the code some more 3 years ago
crunk 456c674326 dropdown menu for publication types, more coming soon 3 years ago
crunk fc1b8d7045 individual links to books are IDs from the csv file, main page is now author ant title 3 years ago
crunk 6bb95fb52e first commit of the varia library website 3 years ago