Cursive plaintext bannermaker turn-based snake
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crunk 763448a5f4 multilinesnake output 9 місяці тому
collection the collection is some terminal one liners used to make ansi art 9 місяці тому added cursor and added pen up pen down with keys t and y 9 місяці тому
snakelogan multilinesnake output 9 місяці тому
thesnake first commit of the snakelogan cursive banner writer 9 місяці тому

#Snake Logan

the cursive plaintext snake writer

  • new so it still works pretty bad
  • now support for any size of terminal
  • use w,s,a,d to move the snake use q to exit and save the snake


  • build a more TUI like interface where we don't clear the screen
  • removing the flasing effect while drawing.
  • Put a blinking cursor where the snake currently is implemented
  • implement pen-up and pen-down unit ready