A low-tech content management system for the web
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Distribusi is a content management system for the web that produces static index pages based on folders in the files system. It is inspired by the automatic index functions featured in several popular web servers. Distribusi works by traversing the file system and directory hierarchy to automatically list all the files in the directory, detect the file types and providing them with relevant html classes and tags for easy styling.

Distribusi was first conceptualized as a tool which supported a contribution by Dennis de Bel, Danny van der Kleij and Roel Roscam Abbing to the ruru house organized by Reinaart Vanhoe and the ruangrupa collective during 2016 Sonsbeek Biennale in Arnhem. During the biennale time the ruru house was a lively meeting place with a programme of discussions, workshops, lectures, culinary activities, performances, pop-up markets and even karaoke evenings, where curators and Arnhemmers met.

The contribution consisted of setting up distribusi. ruruhuis.nl (distribusi is bahasa Indonesian for 'distribution') which was a website connected to a server in the space. Rather than a hidden administrative interface, the server was present and visible and an invitation was extended to visitors to use it to publish material online. This was done by inserting a USB-drive into any of the ports. The distribusi script would then turn the contents of that stick it into a website. Once the USB-drive was removed that website was no longer on-line. Over time distribusi.ruruhuis.nl hosted photos, books and movies. The website is now off-line but the tool that was used to make it is still used in Varia.

The original implementation of Distribusi was written in the Python programming language. This implementation is written in the Go programming language. The reasons for this are wider operating system and architecture portability and to make it simple to install (single binary vs. having to install a lot of system dependencies, i.e. "pip install").

This new implementation is not entirely backwards compatible with the Python implementation and some command-line options have been changed or altogether forgotten as a matter of style and often simplicity. Please open an issue on the issue tracker to discuss changes:


Also, see the original Python implementation over here: