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  decentral1se fa80d094a7
Point to the main bots repo now 3 weeks ago
  decentral1se a8988cacea
Bump version 3 weeks ago
  decentral1se d2c50faeae
Bump slixmpp 3 weeks ago
  decentral1se 3b545bd727
Remove unused import 3 weeks ago
  decentral1se 44c57bb4d6
Mark the date 3 weeks ago
  decentral1se 711f4157fb
Always log tracebacks for errors 3 weeks ago
  decentral1se 4dc1e4b07d
Add missing change log entries 3 weeks ago
  decentral1se a81fa1af54
Use super for SimpleDatabase operations 3 weeks ago
  decentral1se 5526ad5313
Make log and other arguments explicit 3 weeks ago
  decentral1se b71c2fedfc
Thread logger correctly down to sub-objects 3 weeks ago
  decentral1se 0043e7563a
Handle re-joining on restart 3 weeks ago
  decentral1se 2a5d20f7d4
Add change log entry to data storage 3 weeks ago
  decentral1se 3c21c29437
Initialise internal data storage 3 weeks ago
  decentral1se e2fb6d4f4a
Use `output` instead of `storage_file` 3 weeks ago
  decentral1se 3bbb799ed4
Fix storing of rooms in the configuration file 3 weeks ago
  decentral1se 8e7db79903
Pretty print JSON when dumping 3 weeks ago
  decentral1se e0cc4203d3
Add log entry for improved logging 3 weeks ago
  decentral1se f275756451
Show tracebacks for bot exceptions 3 weeks ago
  decentral1se 772a3e46a5
Use error logging when facing errors 3 weeks ago
  decentral1se 8a72b486ac
Attempt to integrate codecov 1 month ago
  decentral1se a200d18dbb
New line that 1 month ago
  decentral1se 70420bc9e6
Add contrib docs 1 month ago
  decentral1se 0c5f6b7016
First stab at testing 1 month ago
  decentral1se 30a6cbe806
Update that statement 1 month ago
  decentral1se bbbae3e75e
Clarify how to write the list 1 month ago
  decentral1se a1774aa708
Fix links 1 month ago
  decentral1se 26aed0563d
Fix indentation 1 month ago
  decentral1se f4b942de41
Bump version 1 month ago
  decentral1se d0e37a5626
Shuffle docs 1 month ago
  decentral1se bf8ccedca1
Support stylesheets and fix serving 1 month ago
  decentral1se 09e4c97597
Support additional routes 1 month ago
  decentral1se 6a30078351
Add setup 1 month ago
  decentral1se dd40939cbf
Point to web docs here 1 month ago
  decentral1se d705dbe3c2
Add entry for this 1 month ago
  decentral1se 3cd438c35d
Do attr checking for better logging 1 month ago
  decentral1se 2e8c9e739e
Implement write auto-persist file storage 1 month ago
  decentral1se b1f4d6112f
Another pass on the docs 1 month ago
  decentral1se 7b96a74299
Bump to next version 1 month ago
  decentral1se 998667c839
Support extras and stay slim on initial install 1 month ago
  decentral1se 745a561409
Catch all exceptions there 1 month ago
  decentral1se d41d0a4e39
Add another entry 1 month ago
  decentral1se eecfc8cd38
Rig up first-class file system support 1 month ago
  decentral1se 1ed422ae86
Note about other formats 1 month ago
  decentral1se 73e1ec87b8
Show other XEPs 1 month ago
  decentral1se 32b63de195
Better documented configuration 1 month ago
  decentral1se ad5115fed8
That is not exactly true anymore 1 month ago
  decentral1se b3cb78776e
Clarify return semantics 1 month ago
  decentral1se 7618fee082
Clarify configuration further 1 month ago
  decentral1se 3228876383
Downcase all those 1 month ago
  decentral1se 3627615e58
Add `--serve` flag 1 month ago