XMPP bots for humans
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"""Unit tests for xbotlib module."""
from logging import getLogger
from pytest import fixture
from xbotlib import Config, SimpleDatabase, SimpleMessage
log = getLogger(__name__)
def message():
class MockFrom:
def bare(self):
return "foo@muc.vvvvvvaria.org"
return {
"body": "mockbot: foobar",
"from": MockFrom(),
"to": "other_tester",
"type": "chat",
"mucnick": "mockbot",
"oob": {"url": "https://foo.com"},
def bot():
class MockBot:
def nick(self):
return "mockbot"
def log(self):
raise NotImplementedError()
return MockBot()
def config():
return Config(
"test": {
"account": "foo@vvvvvvaria.org",
"password": "SecretPasswordZ",
"nick": "foo",
"avatar": "avatar.png",
"redis_url": "redis://localhost:6379/0",
"rooms": "foo, bar, baz",
"no_auto_join": True,
"port": 8080,
"template": "index.html.j2",
"serve": True,
"storage": "file",
"output": ".",
def tmp_db_path(tmp_path):
return tmp_path / "testbot.json"
def test_simple_message(message):
sm = SimpleMessage(message, "mockbot", log)
assert sm.message == message
assert sm.text == "mockbot: foobar"
assert sm.content == "foobar"
# TODO*decentral1se): how to test test this?
# assert sm.sender == "tester"
assert sm.room == "foo@muc.vvvvvvaria.org"
assert sm.receiver == "other_tester"
assert sm.type == "chat"
assert sm.nick == "mockbot"
assert sm.url == "https://foo.com"
def test_empty_config():
config = Config("test", {})
assert config.account is None
def test_config(config):
assert config.account == "foo@vvvvvvaria.org"
assert config.password == "SecretPasswordZ"
assert config.nick == "foo"
assert config.avatar == "avatar.png"
assert config.redis_url == "redis://localhost:6379/0"
assert config.rooms == ["foo", "bar", "baz"]
assert config.no_auto_join
assert config.port == 8080
assert config.template == "index.html.j2"
assert config.serve
assert config.storage == "file"
assert config.output == "."
def test_simple_message_delete(tmp_db_path):
db = SimpleDatabase(tmp_db_path, log)
db["foo"] = "bar"
del db["foo"]
assert "foo" not in db