Forking crunk magic

Updated 1 month ago

Streaming etherpump into a loading screen

Updated 22 hours ago

Bunch of small scripts to run a temporary radio stream, automatically. Some liquidsoap, some bash, some pyhton. Combine as if you like Unix. with pipes

Updated 3 weeks ago

rra / bigdada
Python 0 0

assorted tools and recipes for dada (the boring kind)

Updated 2 weeks ago

We set on some plaintext TUI adventures.

Updated 3 days ago

This is repo hosts experiments for the broadcast (aka narrowcast) webpage at

Updated 22 hours ago

Multifeeding RSS streams into a point of access.

Updated 2 days ago

varia / xppl
JavaScript 1 0

Varia library working group XPPL.

Updated 1 year ago

cyber/technofeminist cross-reader

Updated 1 year ago

varia / bots
Python 1 0

A place for all our bot adventures.

Updated 1 week ago

many many many Varia's websites, work in progress:

Updated 11 months ago

Make use of that physical button on the side of your laptop to run scripts instead of only turning your wifi on/off.

Updated 9 months ago

rra / dropship
Python 1 0

Send files from one computer to another! A graphical interface for magic-wormhole

Updated 2 months ago

This is the repository for the online module Bots as Digital Infrapuncture, commissioned by the Utrecht University

Updated 4 days ago

Experimental communication tools (televex screen + televex print)

Updated 4 hours ago

Varia's website

Updated 2 hours ago