Updated 3 months ago

Turns calendar events in to HUGO posts. Lumbung-interlokal members can use it to schedule events from a shared calendar and have them appear as event announcements on lumbung.space

Updated 3 months ago

Repo for non destructive e-scooter intervention materials

Updated 3 months ago

scripts for doing things with PDFs

Updated 2 months ago

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archived, now under: https://git.lurk.org/radio-looptober/

Updated 1 month ago

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Repo for A Tune In workshop by amy, Aggeliki and Cristina for the Any One Day The Future Died conference.

Updated 1 month ago

Tools for generating the Volumetric Regimes book https://volumetricregimes.xyz/ (wiki-to-print, using Paged.js)

Updated 1 month ago

This is repo hosts experiments for the broadcast (aka narrowcast) webpage at Varia.zone

Updated 2 weeks ago

Varia's website

Updated 1 week ago

script to compile the PDFs of the atnofs publication

Updated 6 days ago

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Collective PDF rendering environment (work-in-progress)

Updated 5 days ago

generating an PDF with all Varia's activities since 2017, using the website + weasyprint

Updated 2 days ago