a python library to draw with ASCII (but with Unicode)
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#!/usr/bin/env python3
Draws lines like line.py, but draws more than one
from asciiWriter.patterns import vertical
from asciiWriter.utils import make_lines, visit, print_lines, merge
from asciiWriter.marks import sentence, space
# Set the canvas
width = 75
height = 75
# We are going to draw multiple lines and collect them
# in a list named 'layers'
layers = []
# Set the position of the line, do this in a loop
# from 10 to 75 in steps of then
for x in range(10, 75, 10):
# Define the line, x will start at 10 and grow in steps of 10
image_pattern = vertical(x)
# Fill the line with the sentence 'OPEN DESIGN COURSE '
mark = sentence('OPEN DESIGN COURSE ')
# Set the blank space
blank = space()
# Make a canvas
lines = make_lines(width, height)
# Make a layer with the line
layer = visit(lines, image_pattern, mark, blank)
# Add the layer to the list of layers
# Merge the list of layers into a single layer
result = merge(width, height, blank(), layers)
# Print the result