a python library to draw with ASCII (but with Unicode)
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#!/usr/bin/env python3
Uses an image to define where to put chars.
In this case with the sentence/word ASCII
from asciiWriter.patterns import image
from asciiWriter.utils import make_lines, visit, print_lines
from asciiWriter.marks import sentence, space
width = 75
height = 75
# Where to find the image
image_path = 'images/blobs-small.png'
image_path = 'images/shapes.png'
# Construct the pattern
image_pattern = image(image_path)
# Set the marker, in this case a sentence
mark = sentence('U.R.S O.P.E.N. D.E.S.I.G.N C.O.')
# Define what to use on a blank space, as a variation you coul use: single('*')
blank = space()
# Make a canvas
lines = make_lines(width, height)
# Draw the picture
result = visit(lines, image_pattern, mark, blank)
# Print the result