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  mb@mb 1fe3973d53 work in progress to add the stream plugin to the website 1 year ago
  rra 0a66ae863b enabled thumbnailer plugin 1 year ago
  mb@mb 6ca63c4d82 removed the stream function for now 1 year ago
  mb @ ts 43b14c3a32 added a stream function + typographic changes 1 year ago
  rra 4948bea3c2 workaround for syndication of translated files 1 year ago
  rra d2e365612e rename theme name + fixed OG images 1 year ago
  rra bb05a6988d NEW! add wicked styles to your articles' footnotes 1 year ago
  mb@mb ba6e5d22f4 testing the SITEURL settings 1 year ago
  mb@mb 857fdb007f test to make the rss work without SITEURL 1 year ago
  mb@mb d1d9acc715 test to make the rss work without SITEURL 1 year ago
  mb@mb 2794f6def3 test to make the rss work without SITEURL 1 year ago
  mb@mb 4b413f5b33 changing the output dir in makefile 1 year ago
  rra b27ee2bb52 change plugin name 1 year ago
  rra 254961717d readding submodules? 1 year ago
  rra 7a0d3dddfd past events are now automagically grayed-out 1 year ago
  mb@mb 60186ea3bd updating the conf to name the plugin 'events-ics' 1 year ago
  mb@mb c7ccff5f13 changing the submodule name to events_ics 1 year ago
  Gitea 86d7faf050 minor config edit 1 year ago
  mb@mb 7276d5b7eb re-connected the events-ics plugin as a submodule 1 year ago
  mb@mb 95d0a8fd08 adding the event-ics custom plugin as a submodule 1 year ago
  mb@mb d56c1205ce adding a SITEURL to make the rss feed work again 1 year ago
  mb@mb 46e5b96e5c changing the settings to make the rss feed word again 1 year ago
  mb@mb f0f7a2d7e0 disabled the events plugin for now 1 year ago
  mb@mb 50ac7ce7b6 train changes 1 year ago
  mb@mb 85b043eaa6 english link url is working again! 1 year ago
  mb@mb 1a5bed3719 translations fix 1 year ago
  mb@mb 942a02e5ad few changes before publishing the website 1 year ago
  mb@mb bb378f3643 veranderingen 1 year ago
  rscmbbng e767924b4a setting static theme url 1 year ago
  mb@mb ecba0a62ff een serie aan veranderingen 1 year ago
  rscmbbng fc638a512b added favicon 1 year ago
  rscmbbng 387fd79de9 trying out the events calendar plugin 1 year ago
  rscmbbng 6f53de0f3a ⎵ in site title now as well 1 year ago
  mb@mb 73a6d11ba6 added an ASCII art board & tested some fonts 2 years ago
  mb@mb 7afa6488a5 enabled all-site translations 2 years ago
  mb@mb ce74e89cba added header.md and changed the main.css 2 years ago
  mb@mb ef808ebce5 minor pelicanconf changes 2 years ago
  mb@mb 72212032f8 new catcet theme added 2 years ago
  r 3bdced97ce first sketche of the site, added translation plugin, took texts off the pads 2 years ago
  r 65de0a5f8c initial commit 2 years ago