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# doing frequent applied fediverse research
# doing applied fediverse research
* hands-on approach to verify statistics on fediverse from and
* draws conclusions from that
## methodology
## Methods
### Mapping the network
`` is a utility to map the Fediverse and save that data as a json file.
Currently the script starts from <> and queries `/api/v1/instance/peers` to find servers it is peering with. For each of the peering servers it hasn't seen before it does the same. This from the assumption that getting peer lists from Mastodon & Pleroma gives enough of a view of 'known fediverse' to work with.
> initial peer list
@ -14,16 +17,28 @@ Currently the script starts from <> and queries `/api/v1/in
>>> all peers of the peers of the inintial peers
------------------------------------------------- +
the known fediverse?
the known fediverse?
### Instance metadata
#### Instance metadata
We try to query `/.well-known/nodeinfo` for instance meta-data such as software type etc. This is what both and do
When any request fails on a given instance it logs the raised `Exception`, if it is a HTTP error instead we currently log the answer.
Latest scrape results can be found in `instance_scrape.json`
### Gathering of ToS/CoC
`` is a utility to collect and document the `about/more/` pages of Mastodon instances found in `instance_scrape.json` data. It will collect three things per instance found: a screenshot of the page, the HTML of the page, and a separate file with the html containing the server description which usually also contains a ToS/CoC. The script makes a rough sorting based on whether an instance has any instance info at all.
You will find the collected results in `about_pages` and `about_pages/with_tos`.
This script requires `selenium` and the `gecko` web driver. See the [selenium documentation]( for more information.
* multithread the screenshotting
* ~~add detailed error message to json when we get one~~
* ~~abstract the functions so we can multithread them~~