directorate for applied fediverse research
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directorate for applied fediverse research

  • independently tries to verify fediverse statistics
  • draws conclusions from that


Currently the script starts from and queries /api/v1/instance/peers to find servers it is peering with. For each of the peering servers it hasn’t seen before it does the same and in addition it tries to query /api/v1/instance for meta data.

This method is a bit lacking because providing /api/v1/instance is voluntary and specific to later versions of mastodon/activitypub fediverse. We should study the methodology of for better results.

When the request fails on a given instance it just logs it as ‘error’ now.

Latest scrape results can be found in instance_scrape.json


  • add detailed error message to json when we get one
  • abstract the functions so we can multithread them
  • find a way to also scrape for instances that don’t announce themselves