A collection of examples for using the gpiozero library for reading sensors and activating actuators
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import sys
from gpiozero import PWMLED
from gpiozero.pins.pigpio import PiGPIOFactory
from signal import pause
from time import sleep
from gpiozero.tools import all_values
#This code is meant to be run FROM a Pi connected to the interaction.tools network
#It allows you to read/write Pins from other PIs on the network
bobPi = PiGPIOFactory(host='')
alicePi = PiGPIOFactory(host='')
led = LED(17)
button_bob = Button(18, pin_factory=bobPi)
button_alice = Button(18, pin_factory=alicePi)
led.source = all_values(button_alice, button_bob)