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mb@mb 47072c78d4 template adjustments 4 years ago
mb@mb df91b5342a big update to v2 of the wttf theme 4 years ago
mb@mb cff1a518f9 more subtle sticky menu + article content images styling 4 years ago
mb @ ts b01015cd5e last fine tuning for the agenda on mobile 4 years ago
mb @ ts a7767906da removed plan B 4 years ago
mb @ ts 801eeb0521 agenda width adjusted on mobile 4 years ago
mb@mb 265948f60e removed uncommented links to external fonts (we don't use them anymore) 4 years ago
mb@mb 322ae1f40b typographic detail changes in the agenda 4 years ago
rra ad14b413d2 fixed clickable header, tags etc 4 years ago
rra 6d3ca3399f large twitter cards for articles 4 years ago
rra 5b784ce7c2 banner not clickable in article 4 years ago
rra e7b6a9c477 update syndication, site urls, make static banner unclickable 4 years ago
mb@mb c7b1663e72 disabled the gray gradient 4 years ago
mb@mb ab08ec1c28 added a bit more space above an agenda item 4 years ago
rra 16f3f48ad4 implemented syndication tags and featured images 4 years ago
mb @ ts b262f83f54 added a favicon :) 4 years ago
mb @ ts 30f700ffde added grey subtle gradient in the gray + gradient for the header with a bit more contrast and 90s wink wink 4 years ago
mb @ ts 712c97a933 ? charachter added in mobile header 4 years ago
mb @ ts e3755a1375 mobile details, font-size and agenda font details 4 years ago
mb @ ts 86c7eeda86 asking for troubles 4 years ago
rra 6f44eae00c lichte sterren 4 years ago
rra 6bb528216c provisional subtitle 4 years ago
rra ff63dc3ee7 fix article categories 4 years ago
mb@mb d0aea72775 the theme is mobile ready 4 years ago
mb@mb 43af214d1e theme update (edited the color scheme, finetuned header, added a mobile media query css) 4 years ago
mb@mb d3b4758341 jquery added for a few more lines of javascript 4 years ago
mb@mb 50e2c40f76 vector shapes for header 4 years ago
mb@mb 2d7ddcb0dd one big wttf theme update 4 years ago
rra 2785a3582b footer now checks for colophon page 4 years ago
rra ef3666c43a footer now outside of other articles loop 4 years ago
rra 4b382eefef prepend {{SITEURL}} consistently to links 4 years ago
mb@mb 51cfd0fed7 added round cornered shapes for article titles 4 years ago
rra 400ba58704 tweaking 4 years ago
mb@mb 077b3059b7 added a theme alternative 4 years ago
mb@mb f8ef4f4c61 date strftime added 4 years ago
rra 51c987594c tuning single column view 4 years ago
rra 84e497ba54 main view tryouts 4 years ago
rra 959323b23c loading arima koshi externally for now 4 years ago
rra e709887d5c further refinement 4 years ago
mb@mb 8efd54af28 laatste structuur element 4 years ago
rra 9a9c8903b5 set up structure 4 years ago
mb@mb c437d29e47 laatste structuur aanpassingen 4 years ago
mb@mb 154e85d41b changed structure to header content list footer 4 years ago
mb@mb b343ec12dd header content footer structure added 4 years ago
mb@mb abf2297b5e footer replaced 4 years ago
rra 2a993b09b4 added css file 4 years ago
mb@mb ca3de98982 renamed aside elements to divs 4 years ago
mb@mb c263563ec4 first step towards a structure 4 years ago
mb@mb 2a64dbec15 renamed simple to wttf 4 years ago
rra 9dea0379b1 adding theme 4 years ago