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A complete Eurorack-compatible synth (case, psu, modules) for 100 euro in materials.

Updated 3 years ago

Captive portal serving files from SPIFFS, updatable Over-The-Air.

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LimeSDRMini experiments, examples and diy documentation.

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Updated 2 years ago

How to fool your GPS enabled devices using Software Defined Radio, in this case using the HackRF One.

Updated 11 months ago

Using Arduino Pro Micro to send keystrokes to iOS devices using Apple's OTG-USB cable and Arduino. Useful for scripting sequences, auto-liking, what-not etc.

Updated 12 months ago

Capturing TCP/IP packets from iOS devices

Updated 2 years ago

Place to store the code and config used for the next-Iterations live event.

Updated 1 year ago

Make use of that physical button on the side of your laptop to run scripts instead of only turning your wifi on/off.

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repo for instructions and code to produce a audio (wav) player from a simple sd card and an attiny(85) avr chip

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Makes your laptop hinge squeek!

Updated 4 months ago

Experiments in audio-visual transmissions (tags: radio, PAL, sstv)

Updated 6 months ago

Repo for Arduino + NRF24L based walkie talkie.

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