A toolkit for exercising collective conditions for openness, access and authorship. https://vvvvvvaria.org/not-for-any/
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Not for Any*

About the toolkit

Through this toolkit we propose to (re)turn (to) the politics of open licenses. With it, we create space for collective engagement with open licenses from a (techno)feminist perspective in a playful and embodied way.

The toolkit includes a series of exercises to do this with. The exercises are an invitation to unfold context specific understandings of open licenses and explore situated formats and imaginaries of openness, access and authorship. While staying close to the presence of our different bodies, different privileges and different conditions, the exercises will hopefully make space for intensified engagements and playful activities.

You are free to start exploring the toolkit in any order, though if it is your first time doing so, we reccommend you follow this path:


This file holds traces of a research that led to the making of the Not for Any* toolkit. The toolkit is an invitation to critically (re)engage with open licenses and and explore situated formats and imaginaries of openness, access and authorship.


A growing list of open licenses that specifically negotiate Freedom 0 (sometimes also referred to as "ethical licenses", "conditional licenses" or "3 freedoms licenses").


A collection of vocabularies taken from the collection of conditional licenses (LICENSES). We placed them in five sets: Who, Urgencies, Frameworks, Configurations & Conditions.


There are nine exercises:

  • Agree to Disagree
  • Group Configurations
  • Donating Upstream
  • Generative Vocabularies
  • Increasing Saturation 🌶️
  • Re-Versioning
  • Situated Versioning
  • Team Names
  • Unpacking Multiple We's

Each is compiled in a sepperate folder, and is delivered in three diferent format: .pdf (portable document format ) .odt (open document text) or .md (markdown). To follow the exercises you may be asked to look back at the VIEWPOINTS and LICENSES files.

We also included an "untitled" in case you want to make your own exercise!

You can also easily edit, modify, adapt any of the exercises or other files in this toolkit. You can also re-style them by changing the Make.css file. And at last you can re-generate the toolkit by using the makefile: open your terminal in the Not for Any* folder and run $ make.

Have fun!

© Varia, 2020 - This toolkit is published under: The Non-Violent Public License v5 (NPLv5) https://git.pixie.town/thufie/NPL/src/branch/master/NPL.txt, more information can be found at: https://thufie.lain.haus/NPL.html

The Non-Violent Public license is a freedom-respecting sharealike license for both the author of a work as well as those subject to a work. It aims to protect the basic rights of human beings from exploitation and the earth from plunder. It aims to ensure a copyrighted work is forever available for public use, modification, and redistribution under the same terms so long as the work is not used for harm.