A toolkit for exercising collective conditions for openness, access and authorship. https://vvvvvvaria.org/not-for-any/
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% VIEWPOINTS - Not for Any*

Not for Any*

The viewpoints in this toolkit are taken from the collection of conditional licenses (LICENSES). We placed them in five sets: Who, Urgencies, Frameworks, Configurations & Conditions.

## WHO (Who can own something? Who is involved?)
  • commoners
  • cooperatives
  • nonprofits
  • predominant class of a community
  • minorities
  • developers
  • companies
  • any person
  • individuals
  • any entity which supports radical authoritarian nationalism
  • ACLU, Southern Poverty Law Center, Human Rights Campaign, Refuse Fascism, RAICES, Democratic Socialists of America
  • authors
  • neighbours
  • United Nations
  • court
  • employee(s)
  • copyright holder
  • relevant authorities monitoring the compliance of the license
  • software developers
  • remote users
  • victims
  • displaced people
  • refugees
  • entities that target minority groups or refugees for imprisonment or genocide
  • enterprises that operate for-profit prisons
  • any electric plant that generates more than 10 megawatts of electricity from coal, oil, or natural gas
  • owners of facilities or equipment for generating solar or wind power
  • forests
  • not a lawyer
## URGENCIES (In what situation do we find ourselves? What to respond to and focus on?)
  • labor conditions
    • overwork
    • worker-owned organizations
  • remote user data
  • computation
  • ecologic causes
    • energy
    • no waste
    • fossil fuel markets
    • deforestation
    • nonrenewable power generation
    • non-extractive
  • economics
    • (non)-commercial
    • profit
  • prosperity
  • politics
    • anti-fascism
  • responsibility
  • being "buena onda"
  • human rights principles & human rights laws
    • tolerance
    • gender balance/ diversity
    • non-normative
    • priviledge
    • access
    • violence, coercion, and discrimination
    • companies contributing to for-profit prisons
    • civilian internment situations
## FRAMEWORKS (How to respond to such urgencies?)
  • Free Software Freedoms https://www.gnu.org/philosophy/free-sw.html
  • Open Source Definition https://opensource.org/osd
  • Ethical Source Definition https://ethicalsource.dev/definition/
  • United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide
  • Human Rights Laws
  • Human Rights Principles
  • labor & employment jurisdiction (specifically those relating to labor and employment where the individual is physically located or where the individual was born or naturalized; or where the legal entity is registered or is operating (whichever is stricter);)
  • Core International Labor Standards
## CONFIGURATIONS (Which configurations can we use to create or break apart from entanglements?)
  • Affirmative Action

  • blacklists

  • issue trackers

  • financial support

  • donation guidelines

    ("dollar amounts may range from $0 (for entities that I like) to $500 (for smaller businesses and such) to $5,000-$50,000+ (for large/publicly traded corporations).")

  • work schedules

  • divestment

    ("Divestment" of an asset means relinquishing all ownership interest in the asset, all profit rights in the asset, or right to control the asset, through sale or other disposal of the asset, or placing the asset under a conservation easement or other effective legal restriction, valid for at least three years, barring use of the asset for the activities that caused it to qualify as a "Disqualifying Asset".)

  • collecting end-user data

## CONDITIONS (What specific sets of conditions, specifically for negotiating freedom 0, or (dis)entanglements could applied?)
  • copyfarleft

    (commercial exploitation only if you are a worker-owned business or worker-owned collective)

  • copyfair

    (commercial exploitation only if you contribute back to the commons)

  • Ethical Restrictions on usage

    (no use for the purpose of ... bodily harm, surveilling individuals for financial gain, war, & more)

  • "I refuse to let my work benefit those who support fascism"

    (no use for those who support facism)

  • be "buena onda"

    (use if you give proper recognition to the authors, share modifications, help someone, don't waste, be tolerant)

  • economical circumstances (licensezero)

  • fossil fuel divestment provisions

  • physical safety of all stakeholders, including the users and the developers themselves

  • Disqualifying Assests (Disqualifying Investments, Disqualifying Facilities)

    (no use if one of the disqualifying assets have been applicable)