a python script transforming boring spreadsheets into a glittery webpage
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# /usr/bin/python3
import json
import datetime
from pprint import pprint
from pyexcel_ods import get_data
# https://pythonhosted.org/pyexcel-ods/
from jinja2 import Template
# https://jinja.palletsprojects.com/en/2.11.x/api/#jinja2.Environment
t = open('template.html', 'r').read()
template = Template(t)
year = datetime.date.today().year
filename = 'varia-financial-spreadsheets-{}.ods'.format(year)
ods = get_data(filename)
string = json.dumps(ods)
data = json.loads(string)
commonfund = data['Common Fund']
Q1 = data['Q1']
Q2 = data['Q2']
Q3 = data['Q3']
Q4 = data['Q4']
page = template.render(data=commonfund, Q1=Q1, Q2=Q2, Q3=Q3, Q4=Q4, year=year)
out = open('index.html', 'w+')