18 Commits (46e68fc9660ec9a3f6ceee9784bb9017c0b2720c)

Author SHA1 Message Date
losttra8n 46e68fc966 a bug fix for --no-filenames option to work! (for images) 11 months ago
dickreckard 49a521ea14 thumbnails png fix 3 years ago
dickreckard 69fa5bb7c5 thumbnails fix 3 years ago
Luke Murphy fd370294be
Fix back buttons when using index.html navigation 3 years ago
Luke Murphy cb9e19d1a2
Allow to append index.html files on menus 3 years ago
Luke Murphy 2a0834734f
Allow skipping hidden and sorting 3 years ago
rra 6a9fbe9856 files are listed alphabetically, fixes to css and html 3 years ago
RRA 010020e08b added --force flag to force overwriting non-distribusi indexes, code formatting 3 years ago
RRA e21a78324f distribusi now only removes indexes that are created by distribusi 3 years ago
RRA d5335f3212 added possibility to exclude directories with --exclude-directory option 3 years ago
RRA 8529d952cd clean up according to pep8 3 years ago
rra 28f8793613 images now also respect --nf 3 years ago
rra 52830ff7c4 - changed variable names for clarity 3 years ago
rra b613eef36c speed up by not calling exiftools always, images now always have figcaptions, catch errors properly 3 years ago
Luke Murphy df71f44550
Clean up imports and formatting 3 years ago
lowrussia 415f8a5ac8 fixed style path issue 3 years ago
lowrussia 7687aa96a2 added arguments for including exif metadata, including external css, not including filenames of pictures 3 years ago
Luke Murphy 1db3f036a9
Package it up! Get it in shape for PyPi. 4 years ago