Files that we use for the Etherpump installation on the Varia server. (Currently: work-in-progress in the context of the Minimal Viable Learning project.)
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date >> cron.log
echo "cronjob started!" >> cron.log
echo "" >> cron.log
# This will pump all the pads with a __PUBLISH__ tag into a folder "publish" as meta.json, txt, html and dhtml
.venv/bin/etherpump pull --meta --dhtml --html --text --publish-opt-in --publish __PUBLISH__ --pub publish --css stylesheet.css --fix-names
echo "Making the Etherpump index now ..."
# This will make an index for the dump
.venv/bin/etherpump index input \
/var/www/etherpump/publish/*.meta.json \
--order lastedited \
--reverse \
--templatepath /var/www/etherpump/templates \
--title "Varia ether-notes, magic words and curated listings." \
--output index.html | tee -a etherpump.log
echo "Done!"
# This will save a pad.css file every hour from the pad
# cp publish/pad.css /srv/etherpad-lite/src/altetherpad/src/static/skins/no-skin/pad.css