Pumping pads as files into publishing frameworks!
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"""Call getRevisionsCount for the given padid"""
import json
from argparse import ArgumentParser
from urllib.error import HTTPError, URLError
from urllib.parse import urlencode
from urllib.request import urlopen
def main(args):
p = ArgumentParser("call getRevisionsCount for the given padid")
p.add_argument("padid", help="the padid")
help="settings, default: .etherdump/settings.json",
p.add_argument("--showurl", default=False, action="store_true")
args = p.parse_args(args)
with open(args.padinfo) as f:
info = json.load(f)
apiurl = info.get("apiurl")
data = {}
data["apikey"] = info["apikey"]
data["padID"] = args.padid
requesturl = apiurl + "getRevisionsCount?" + urlencode(data)
if args.showurl:
results = json.load(urlopen(requesturl))["data"]["revisions"]