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mb db7bb5bfce adding support for gunicorn, to allow url's with prefixes 5 days ago
mb 34930a5808 fixing the CSS link in the HTML preview (thanks Martino) 1 month ago
mb ecd7860676 make octomode.vvvvvvaria.org/name/ work with a trailing slash 1 month ago
mb 6ba8e1cc47 small interface tweak, to keep octomode on screens smaller than 1290px 1 month ago
mb 0a7526411f editing the default texts, styling and structure of the rendered PDF 1 month ago
mb 4df5594d20 shortening the expanded intro a bit 1 month ago
mb 6baa9848bc adding a snippet from the Fiber presentation to the README 1 month ago
mb 39bdedede7 add trailing slashes to routes 1 month ago
mb 7b7376b254 updates to the default texts, including a short intro of octomode and the default varia pad text 1 month ago
mb c5f8aa8beb switching to development mode 1 month ago
mb d07270ec9d adding dotenv to requirements, switching to using .env file for the settings 1 month ago
mb 8068ed312b do not track the env file 1 month ago
mb 14eaa2ed67 Merge branch 'master' of ssh://vvvvvvaria.org:12345/varia/octomode 1 month ago
mb 117b1e1691 prob a very hacky way to do it but it seems to work 1 month ago
mb 40646687a7 typo in line that checks if the octomode API key env variable is set 1 month ago
mb 67fe8b0828 adding the option to store environment variables in a text file :) 1 month ago
mb 03c315399b 'README.md' updaten 2 months ago
mb 69bdef9825 copying the octomode install guide from Rosa 2 months ago
mb 4679aad488 'README.md' updaten 2 months ago
mb d67280cf30 restructuring the README from "install octomode locally" to "install octomode" 2 months ago
mb 3a512b1cf2 adding the config.py option to save environment variables 2 months ago
decentral1se faa4c25ccc
fix: use PAD_URL in template files 2 months ago
decentral1se 9d00038812
chore: strip tabs, auto-formatter 2 months ago
decentral1se 42e408859b
refactor!: unify slash handling 2 months ago
decentral1se 8b4d0905e2
chore: auto-formatter removes tabs/whitespace 2 months ago
decentral1se d9800c5223
refactor: override config from env 2 months ago
decentral1se 9e1cc8c10f
chore: strip/clean with auto-formatter 2 months ago
decentral1se 7816a7bff2
chore: strip/clean with auto-formatter 2 months ago
decentral1se aaba169e9d
chore: strip/clean with auto-formatter 2 months ago
decentral1se 37964d4a48
fix: don't error out if .venv exists when setting up 2 months ago
decentral1se 0e0df8f5cf
chore: remove newline 2 months ago
decentral1se 46df1b853b
chore: sort requirements 2 months ago
mb 79e001cb84 'README.md' updaten 5 months ago
mb 2ce4dbed83 'README.md' updaten 6 months ago
mb 2b5100be86 'README.md' updaten 8 months ago
mb c57ceb98ff adding a note about using the same browser when working on a PDF 8 months ago
mb e88f617134 adding a note to recommend using firefox when using octomode locally 8 months ago
mb 0f00c0d9d6 adding documentation from rosa to the readme here 8 months ago
manetta b384354e95 typo in path.join 9 months ago
manetta 0e7a9c1d45 adding application_root to preview/pdf iframe urls 9 months ago
manetta a7ad64562c adding application root to main link 9 months ago
manetta fd8b9aca5c adding application_root to css links 9 months ago
manetta 44818d981c adding application_root urls + default metadata 9 months ago
manetta f7105a30bf rewriting redirects 9 months ago
manetta 4bb1c14abe removing app_root in flask routes 9 months ago
manetta 7fb3e4adee adding missing url_for 9 months ago
manetta 4d6c97fb46 adding application_root to post form in the start screen 9 months ago
manetta a30972e87d removing the workaround, causes error on octomode that is installed at the varia server 9 months ago
manetta 58f4cda11a typo 9 months ago
manetta 0a60da6fea adding APPLICATION_ROOT to config + workaround for url mapping for non-root URL sitatuions 9 months ago