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This is the home of Varia's xmpp.streambot!

When the streambot is listening ... it saves all images that are sent to the muc and streams them to was written by Ruben van der Ven during Relearn 2017. is based on It is a custom Varia bot that will communicate one day with our Pelican plugins-custom/stream plugin. :)

run streambot on the server

To start the streambot:

sudo systemctl start streambot.service

To check its status:

sudo systemctl status streambot.service

To stop it:

sudo systemctl stop streambot.service

Error logs go to:

sudo journalctl -xe

git hooks (disabled at the moment)

There are git-hooks enabled that will stop and (re)start streambot on every commit.

pre-receive: streambot is stopped

post-update: the repository is updated with a pull, streambot is started