A text-based bookmark manager rendered in a web page
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unsorted list of things that would be nice to have

  • make a makefile in order to variabilize language in add.sh prompts and make overall config easier
  • write more structured css
  • pin links → add an optional boolean to the records implictly false if absent. if true, the link sits on top of the pile
  • search select tags for filtering → tags inside <nav> would be <button>s instead of <p>s and filter the links accordingly
  • a better way to capture url → something that grabs current page to clipboard
  • hardcode bookmark ids in awk rather than css so that ids are persistant and don't slide if a link is removed → add.sh id++
  • make other ways to edit and generate bookmarks if dmenu is too much of a struggle to install.
  • plug other pages / tools to it - ie :
    • unicode dictionnary, css colors
    • notes (report, files recently written)
    • agenda ← big textual dreams about this one
    • weather forecast -- in the form of a line in the bookmarks maybe ??
    • documentations, html/css properties quickref
    • images, something like signet.sh but for images and their metadata. entries from an IMAGES file database would be attached to downloaded images, the most recent ones cascading in a line as thumbnails somewhere alongside links...