crunk-columns is a PESOS style website maker
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Crunk columns

crunk-columns is a work in progress website/portfolio page maker and part of the crunk suite of software. Heavily inspired by multifeeder This is a PESOS style website maker.

  • By filling in your desired columns in the columns.toml file you can make your own portfolio page in seconds
  • By adding your own css you can lose countless of hours tweaking everything.

new features

I wrote this software for myself. If you want it to do more, you can open an issue on Gitea

work in progress.

  • download and parse rss only on startup not on every index.html download
  • make sort_order types
  • make limits to amount of entries.
  • make category filter.

Things that are done

  • sort_order options are: default(same order as rss), reverse, random, chronological, reverse-chronological.
  • category/tag filter, you can write one word, if that word is in the category/tags list of the rss feed entry it will get added to the column, otherwise it won't. rss feeds themselves also have categories overall but this does nothing with that.

POSSE is a much better approach, what are you even doing?

Yes, but I am lazy and I already exist on the internet and this is a way to bring it all together.