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crunk 68a0d7d20c add main region instead of div for WAI 7 months ago
crunk 843742140c responsive CSS 7 months ago
crunk 06954d018f adding custom empty templates 7 months ago
crunk 64830c11fb added data to gitignore 7 months ago
crunk cee2a05be0 remove test template 8 months ago
crunk be4afb79ad add example columns 8 months ago
crunk 0bed3bfb52 simple json storage forced sort orders 8 months ago
crunk 879fff0eb9 ignore config files 8 months ago
crunk 31b5ff4289 ignore feed files 8 months ago
crunk c239a6e227 change port and fake dates 8 months ago
crunk d86692ebf6 I am a feature creep, I am a feature weirdo 11 months ago
crunk 67d3e51f55 removing quicktest file 11 months ago
crunk a8470d9c93 updated readme with done work 11 months ago
crunk 85d5c134b5 tag filter 11 months ago
crunk 56e5e582c7 readme edit 11 months ago
crunk 805d5b5b2b isort and formatting clean up 11 months ago
crunk f6e9b8f4ad only parse rss feeds once every 10 minutes and store in json file 11 months ago
crunk 9fe56e9507 quick and dirty way of adding ids and class per feed 12 months ago
crunk 5d6617da43 simoon is impatient for requirements file 12 months ago
crunk 938f4fd364 big commit fixing parsed dates 12 months ago
crunk b4b8bf100a update wip sort order 1 year ago
crunk c7312ab7cb update wip 1 year ago
crunk 1aa99618aa made sort orders 1 year ago
crunk 9166af18d6 fix work break for just links 1 year ago
crunk 837a77809c fix dictionary update of rss feeds without titles 1 year ago
crunk fe21804a63 css tweaks 1 year ago
crunk 67c4eb7a06 removed unnecessary id fields from toml file 1 year ago
crunk a4bfcc04e1 random sort order and limit on rss feed 1 year ago
crunk 6d894cc33d update readme with some work in progress ideas 1 year ago
crunk 1c772de59e update readme 1 year ago
crunk de4c69f34c first commit 1 year ago
crunk 485c513cdb Delete 'README.md' 1 year ago
crunk 92d10e5da3 Initial commit 1 year ago