a CLI tool to post updates to crunk-scheduler.
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a CLI tool to post updates to crunk-scheduler.

Designing CLI tools

Make working software first

  • crunk-update --text "text" should make a paragraph of <p>text</p> in crunk-scheduler
  • crunk-update --file "test.md" should post a markdown file to crunk-scheduler and have it converted to html
  • this is now possible and working. up next we should make some CLI flags such as --help (done through using clap)

Learning Rust.

Readme driven development

  • have crunk-scheduler do all the conversion to html in rss.
  • make this as simple as possible
    • post a simple text
    • post markdown
    • post media files (jpeg, mp3, mp4 etc)
  • be able to set a time when something is scheduled.
  • and look up how to schedule a post
  • have the url in a config file
  • have the api-key in a config file (yes, everyone loves tokens, but this project is small)