script to compile the PDFs of the atnofs publication
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ATNOFS Documentation contraption

Current sketch

Currently a python script that will downloads all the chapters as listed here:

Listed as pads, it will download the HTML + CSS of the pages, and then creates PDF out of them with pagedjs-cli.

It then compiles the full pdf with pypdftk.


Maybe it should instead make a very long html from the previews? In case we'll want page numbers, etc from pagedjs.


  • apt install python3
  • pip3 install pypdftk
  • npm install -g puppeteer
  • npm install -g chromium
  • npm install -g pagedjs-cli


To be able to use pagedjs-cli, one need to build a chrome-sandbox (...): chown root:root chrome_sandbox sudo chmod 4755 chrome_sandbox sudo cp chrome_sandbox /usr/local/sbin/chrome-devel-sandbox export CHROME_DEVEL_SANDBOX=/usr/local/sbin/chrome-devel-sandbox