Updated 6 months ago

netchatte is a netcat based terminal chat program, inspired by 'unnamed project' and made during the first tangible clouds worksession 18th → 21st May 2022 in Brussels (https://tangible-cloud.be/)

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Updated 6 months ago

Moar post-calibre prototypin' 🎉

Updated 6 months ago

Resources for Web Development Studio by Joana Chicau at Creative Computing Institute, University of Arts of London.

Updated 3 months ago

Folds can be called in the chat of any pad by starting a message with ``, followed by your message.

Updated 5 months ago

Cyber Charlois: a dis/utopian cyberpunk MUD set in futuristic Rotterdam.

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archived, now under: https://git.lurk.org/radio-looptober/

Updated 1 month ago

scripts for doing things with PDFs

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Repo for A Tune In workshop by amy, Aggeliki and Cristina for the Any One Day The Future Died conference.

Updated 1 month ago

script to compile the PDFs of the atnofs publication

Updated 6 days ago

generating an PDF with all Varia's activities since 2017, using the website + weasyprint

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