a flask exercise and search machine prototype
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searrrrrrrrrrch (prototype)

A small flask exercise, combining the TFIDF algorithm written in python with a web interface.

Grrrrrrrrrrls is a project in progress for the Computer Grrrls exhibition at the HMKV & La Gaîté Lyrique.


$ pip3 install flask 

$ pip3 install nltk


Start the flask/python local server ...

$ python3 start.py

Browse to your localhost on port 5000 ...


Txt documents

The search machine is using the index.json file to process results. The function 'create_index' can be called to generate this file. It uses a set of plain text files to index each word and its corresponding TFIDF value. The plain text files are not included in this repo, i don't think i can publish them like that.

Changing txt documents

If you want to work with another set of texts, make a 'txt/' folder, add a few txt files in it, and remove the index.json file (or rename it if you want to keep it with you).

To generate a new index.json file:

Remove the index.json file

$ rm index.json

Stop and start the python server...

ctrl + c

$ python3 start.py


This Grrrrrrrrrrls search machine cannot handle too much at once: it can only work with one word.

This is a prototype :)

![Screenshot from 2018-08-31 10-49-07.png](Screenshot from 2018-08-31 10-49-07.png)