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Hi, here we collect some documentation and resources for developing with Python GTK & Glade

Links to documentation

Handy tips and tricks

  • apt install gtk3-widget-factory for widget porn & reference

Enable the GTK inspector/debugger

It's like the browser's inspector, but for GTK gui applications. Allows you to see the parameters of widgets, change them live, tweak CSS etc etc.


In the terminal do: gsettings set org.gtk.Settings.Debug enable-inspector-keybinding true

Then ctrl+shift+i to inspect an element you are hovering over.

Reference projects


Ideally written in Python, using GTK and x-platform

Design / conceptual

  • onionshare, anon sharing over TOR, d&d interface, otherwise clunky


Install for Hacking

Install poetry and then install the package locally.

$ poetry install

Run in Hackity Hack Hack Mode

$ poetry run dropship

Updating dependencies

  • Change the bounds/versions/etc. in the pyproject.toml
  • Run poetry update
  • Commit and push your changes

The poetry.lock file helps us all get the same dependencies.

Adding a Github Mirror

We use a Github mirror so we can have a gratis automated release build.

Add the following to the bottom of your .git/config.

[remote "all"]
  url = ssh://gitea@vvvvvvaria.org:12345/rra/dropship.git
  url = git@github.com:decentral1se/dropship.git

The git push -u all main will setup git push to automatically push to both remotes.

Make a new Release

Publishing binaries is disabled until we make further progress on #3

$ git tag $mytag  # follow semver.org please
$ git push

The Travis CI configuration will run a build and publish binaries here.