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rra 0dadd4c02d try the fonts suggested by 4oo2 and add start of #9 1 year ago
rra 4d6dd8dbea finalize network cards for now, fix #3 1 year ago
rra 7e59454c19 network cards now have a different layout for portrait and landscape mode 1 year ago
rra 5282225482 add print css placeholder 1 year ago
rra 657bb5305f wip menu system 1 year ago
rra f3853c4bf9 the banner is back 1 year ago
rra f5cfffd107 display past event differently, wip #2 1 year ago
rra 3f0d723018 wip #3 1 year ago
rra 609a176bf9 add information flag to event items on past events, wip #2 1 year ago
rra b19bfc8ed7 refine network cards, wip #3 1 year ago
rra 56c3bc10be network cards design prototype, wip #3, fix #5 1 year ago
rra 852db24c5c add event h-tags 1 year ago
rra d32d7b7b49 listings show card types 1 year ago
rra 0556837015 WIP #3 1 year ago
rra 91ba7b2771 style paginator, add images to calendar cards, fix #6 1 year ago
rra e12d850af6 refine calendar cards design 1 year ago
rra 5ab7b9d071 add live for livestream type videos 2 years ago
rra b7db845be6 use categories 2 years ago
rra 4683802314 restore paragraph spacing 2 years ago
rra 84be92afe3 clean up & modularize css 2 years ago
rra 885b80f5de make collapsible descriptions on event cards 2 years ago
rra 57751269f9 separate localized begin and begin 2 years ago
rra 645fee8b0b fix video player 2 years ago
rra 33995d06c2 add cards for calendar items 2 years ago
rra 6178839d74 add readme 2 years ago
rra c3e34bb48f initial commit - WIP 2 years ago