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ugrnm 8ed2d5b620 new ezstream config for opus 2 months ago
ugrnm a5c476e05b bump year + corrected env path 2 months ago
ugrnm 1016194c3b local convenience 2 months ago
ugrnm 1c5b0fab9a typo 2 months ago
Claude Heiland-Allen 81b34db0e6 more todo 6 months ago
ugrnm bbf24441a6 more things to be done 1 year ago
Claude Heiland-Allen 60619aad6c per-year download directory 6 months ago
Claude Heiland-Allen b908fe7fc6 stop ffmpeg going beserk with rogue text input 6 months ago
Claude Heiland-Allen c481871bde simplify directory creation 6 months ago
Claude Heiland-Allen 1dfd002e53 transcode to opus 6 months ago
ugrnm 253c4fbd34 more things to be done 1 year ago
ugrnm 99970a0734 TODO 1 year ago
ugrnm 5e307158d9 legacy respect 1 year ago
ugrnm 34caf4b8a9 some doc 1 year ago
ugrnm f7e38733d9 template config file for ezstream 1 year ago
ugrnm 48b9809cae generate playlist and reload it 1 year ago
ugrnm 10663ebb2b do not restart when I tell you not 1 year ago
ugrnm 0962cbb987 ignore playlist 1 year ago
ugrnm 4cf4611697 config in the repos 1 year ago
ugrnm 9e0bc07074 grab_media argument fix 1 year ago
ugrnm bb9fd148b4 basic streaming script 1 year ago
ugrnm 7c18104365 relative folder in repos is ignored 1 year ago
ugrnm d7654cc784 py3 shebang 1 year ago
rra 9a10f4f97a now it actually downloads loops 1 year ago
rra 4dfeed8311 initial commit, grabs all possible loops 1 year ago
rra 8dfa491254 Initial commit 1 year ago