Capturing TCP/IP packets from iOS devices
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Capturing Wifi packets from iOS

Using a Mac with Xcode for non jail broken devices.



iDevice, Mac with Xcode and tcpdump installed.


Wireshark (Multiplatform)


  • connect iDevice to a MAC

  • get your iDevice UDID in Terminal type:

    system_profiler SPUSBDataType | sed -n -e '/iPad/,/Serial/p' -e '/iPhone/,/Serial/p' | grep "Serial Number:" | awk -F ": " '{print $2}'

src ), or if you have Xcode installed src:

instruments -s devices

example UDID string would be: 1e3b5cbfb5614ab31731a7afeade0e6a1f18d021

Create Virtual Network Interface

Use the found UDID to create a new virtual network interface based on you iDevice:

rvictl -s 1e3b5cbfb5614ab31731a7afeade0e6a1f18d021

To see the new interface:

ifconfig -l

It will be listed as 'rvi0'

Live View

From Wireshark 1.12 and up one can directly listen to the rvi0 interface. Alternatively, just record a bunch:

Record Packets

Record/sniff/dump the packets send to and from your iDevice with tcpdump (...) into file .output.pcap

sudo tcpdump -i rvi0 -w ./output.pcap

Stop the capturing with CTRL+C

Clean up

Stop and remove the virtual interface with:

rvictl -x 1e3b5cbfb5614ab31731a7afeade0e6a1f18d021


Open the output.pcap in Wireshark on the operating system of choice for your listening pleasure.