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Varia's website

Updated 2 hours ago

This is repo hosts experiments for the broadcast (aka narrowcast) webpage at

Updated 24 hours ago

This is the varia library website work in progress.

Updated 2 days ago

Python 1 0

A place for all our bot adventures.

Updated 3 days ago

Python 1 0

Experimental communication tools (televex screen + televex print)

Updated 1 month ago

Python 1 1

Pumping pads as files into publishing frameworks!

Updated 1 month ago

So uneasy

Updated 1 month ago

Python 0 0

Multifeeding RSS streams into a point of access.

Updated 1 month ago

Discussions and things to do

Updated 2 months ago

Streaming etherpump into a loading screen

Updated 2 months ago

Custom plugins for Pelican, used in the Varia website.

Updated 3 months ago

A toolkit for exercising collective conditions for openness, access and authorship.

Updated 3 months ago

Files that we use for the Etherpump installation on the Varia server. (Currently: work-in-progress in the context of the Minimal Viable Learning project.)

Updated 4 months ago

The manual for Bibliotecha

Updated 5 months ago

The installation script for Bibliotecha

Updated 6 months ago