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Work in progress... 💣

The idea behind this software came from the Permacomputing Update 2021, especially "Chapter 7. A collapse-tolerant buhackingsiness" which is a series of practical guidelines. One of which reads as follows:

Self-host everything you need for software work on local physical servers. This includes all networked applications as well as an extensive library of software and documentation (including repair manuals and OS distributions for all relevant hardware). Offer hosting services to make use of the surplus.

Which lead us to think about an application where one can upload and download manuals and datasheets for everything in Varia.


go run go-sh-manymanuals.go

Road Map, Get it going, Change while we learn

  • Make it able to search multiple directories filled with pdfs
  • Make it able to up/download pdfs
    • I made a config where you can set a share and downloads folder much like p2p sharing programs.
    • go-sh-manymanuals could be both a client and server program at the same time.
    • You can download off big servers.
    • You can download off each other locally.
    • It should keep track of what you already have, because doubles are the big pain in PDF's/filesharing in general
    • Maybe in the future, entire folders can be synced between you and current connected server.
  • Make it able to index those pdfs into the search.
  • Improve the layout.