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# LogBot
A small XMPP bot written in Python that logs XMPP conversations into a HTML page, allowing collaborative log writing over time.
LogBot is a bot for asynchronous collective logging and log writing over longer periods of time. The bot operates in a chat environment, from where it saves images, messages and other media files into a webpage. The bot is made by members of Varia and is used hand in hand with event preparations[^xy], collective research[^autonomy][^pubclub] or as a tool for publishing materials on the go[^backlog]. The bot runs on a self-hosted XMPP chat infrastructure, hosted and maintained by members of Varia.
The bot is used in group chats, where it includes all images that are send to the group and all messages that include `@logbot` or `logbot` or `logbot:`.
[^xy]: X-Y log, in preparation of Plaintext Partyline
[^autonomy]: Collective research log, around the term "digital autonomy"
[^pubclub]: research log, around community publishing initiatives
[^backlog]: Backlog, the making of the streaming infrastructure of Varia
LogBot is small XMPP bot written in Python that is used in group chats. It uses the [xbotlib library]( written by [decentral1se](
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* timeline
* float
* opentab
Examples soon.
These can be found in the folder `stylesheets/`.
## Fonts
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* notcouriersans
* None
Examples soon.
## Situated tails
- Archive bot, Relearn 2017, <>
- Streambot, Varia website extension 2017-2018, <>
- Logbot v1, Varia XMPP extension 2017-2020, <>
- Bots as Infrapunctures @ Obfuscation Workshop, May 2021, Cristina Cochior & Manetta Berends, <> & <>
## Requirements