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The contribution consisted of setting up (distribusi is bahasa Indonesian for 'distribution') which was a website connected to a server in the space. Rather than a hidden administrative interface, the server was present and visible and an invitation was extended to visitors to use it to publish material online. This was done by inserting a USB-drive into any of the ports. The distribusi script would then turn the contents of that stick it into a website. Once the USB-drive was removed that website was no longer on-line. Over time hosted photos, books and movies. The website is now off-line but the tool that was used to make it is still used in Varia
## Uses
### 디스트리붓시
[Dianaband]( used distribusi for
> "Individuals collecting fragments each have their own folder. When they put a story, picture, audio, or video file inside a folder, each fragment is assigned a serial number, and gets accumulated in the fragments of hospitality website.The fragments connect us. We hope that we can choose the “nature and attitude” of the medium that mediates our connection."
## Change It
You'll need to get a copy of the repository and then do an [editable] install: