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Simplify install guide, add PyPi badge and access note

Luke Murphy 5 years ago
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# Distribusi CMS
[![PyPI version](](
`distribusi` is a content management system for the web that produces static
index pages based on folders in the filesystem. It is inspired by the automatic
index functions featured in several web servers. It works by traversing the
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## Installation
Using [--user] or [a virtual environment] is recommended:
[a virtual environment]:
$ export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/.local/bin
$ pip install --user distribusi
Note: check if the path of your local bin is added to your shell path (otherwise you cannot run distribusi from the shell directly).
To check where distribusi is installed:
$ find * | grep distribusi
Add local bin to the $PATH variable:
$ PATH=$PATH:/home/USERNAME/.local/bin/
## Usage
Get help with:
@ -94,6 +81,9 @@ You're then ready to make your changes and experiment with them.
You'll need a [PyPi]( account and to be added as a maintainer.
Please ask around @ Varia for who has PyPi access.
$ pip install twine
$ make publish