Distribusi is a content management system for the web that produces static pages based on the file system.
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The changelog was only added at version 0.0.4.


  • Fix -nf functionality (#5) (thanks @losttra8n!)


  • Fix thumbnail generation (thanks @dickreckard!)
  • Adjust formatting for usage output


  • Allow to ignore hidden directories with --no-hidden
  • Files and directories are now sorted during distribusification.
  • Allow to append index.html to the menu items with --menu-with-index


Let's think a bit about safety and robustness:

  • distribusi only overwrites (or removes) indexes that have been created by distribusi itself
  • override the above behaviour with --force
  • --exclude now allows you to exclude folder names from being listed, this behaviour is not influenced by --force

And also some refactoring and niceties:

  • Distribusi only prints when called with --verbose
  • Restyled --verbose output
  • Generated indexes can be removed with --remove-indexes
  • .html and .txt files are now expanded and included as snippets in the index file
  • code rewrite for clarity
  • HTML output is more precisely styleable


Woops, we missed that one.


  • Use loose bounds for dependencies
  • Don't call exiftools on every execution
  • If PILLOW can't thumbnail an image it is included as a link instead


  • Add captions from EXIF metadata
  • Custom stylesheet usage
  • Ability to hide filenames