Allows to publish videos uploaded on to the frontpage of

Updated 2 years ago

Turns calendar events in to HUGO posts. Lumbung-interlokal members can use it to schedule events from a shared calendar and have them appear as event announcements on

Updated 7 months ago

Python 0 0

python flask implementation of activity pub actor

Updated 3 years ago

A cgi-bin python script that picks up a random image from a directory and its subdirectories and show it in a browser.

Updated 3 years ago

JavaScript 0 0

An online landscape, built as a tool to explore the many aspects of the human voice.

Updated 2 years ago

a python library to draw with ASCII (but with Unicode)

Updated 2 years ago

Python 1 0

A place for all our bot adventures.

Updated 2 weeks ago

exploring & testing reportlab to make PDFs with Python

Updated 3 years ago

a python script transforming boring spreadsheets into a glittery webpage

Updated 3 years ago

Flask application repository for Banner Repeater's DAAP (Digital Archive of Artists Publishing). SPARQL queries by Lozana Rossenova, CSS and JS by Joana Chicau, python and Jinja by Julie Boschat-Thorez. See

Updated 12 months ago

maximum syndication: turns a list of RSS feeds in to HUGO posts. Allows lumbung-interlokal members to post from their own blog/website to

Updated 1 year ago