Tools for generating the Volumetric Regimes book (wiki-to-print, using Paged.js)
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Volumetric Regimes (book)

MediaWiki Unfolded page > > MediaWiki API > Unfolded HTML page + images (saved to file) > Jinja template > CSS + Paged.js > PDF

Using the wiki-to-pdf publishing pipeline

  • make wiki: downloads the materials from the Unfolded wiki page and generates Unfolded.html
  • make run: runs a local server on port 8000 to preview the PDF at http://localhost:8000/Unfolded.html


  • PDF rendering: Paged.js (
  • generate HTML: is used to download the Unfolded wiki page to a local HTML file, download new images and rewrite/replace structural elements and details
  • hyphens: hyphenology, see templates/template.html and js/runHyphens.js
  • baseline grid: px calculation + manual shifts of images in css/print.css + csss/baseline.css
  • footnotes: are structured by MediaWiki and are wrapped in HTML elements when the content is pulled using the MediaWiki API
  • pre-press: see the folder tools for different scripts to convert PDF color space, PDF format, PDF resizing, and more

Software dependencies

  • jinja2==3.1.2
  • markupsafe==2.0.1
  • pdftk (adding Multi)
  • pdfunite (adding Multi)
  • resample (PDF resizing)
  • xelatex (PDF formatting)

Notes and contingent documentation

Publishing pipeline continuations

The choice to work with Mediawiki and web-to-print techniques, continues practices through which the following publications and tools emerged: