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manetta 3e1eb39da0 adding a print.css to start with when running the flask application 5 days ago
manetta ae6f0f958b adding a snapshot :) 5 days ago
manetta 568d5e3886 removed the tweaks.js, let's keep all the tweaking in python 5 days ago
manetta ba1388fb01 removed the tweaks.js, let's keep all the tweaking in python 5 days ago
manetta 423bbf06ce small change 5 days ago
manetta b3b4cddced updated update.py with h3 tweak 5 days ago
manetta 05b5aa7abb added a tweak for h3 references 5 days ago
manetta 7f72c08510 backup 5 days ago
manetta 393d4c8e48 renamed interface.css to pagedjs.css 6 days ago
manetta af9336e47c simplification changes in the webinterface: not saving extra html files (not needed in the flask application, they were doubled with the flask templates renderings) 6 days ago
manetta c12598b715 simplifying the templates that are used 6 days ago
manetta dcd2c2263c adding make run to the web-interface 6 days ago
manetta 8ffe5b980d syncing cli with web-interface 2 weeks ago
manetta e517fdfbb3 added custom hacks to make all the TOC page nrs work 2 weeks ago
manetta 3769fe33de backup of the print.css work 2 weeks ago
manetta 1dff1c9079 renamed interface.css to pagedjs.css to not be confused 2 weeks ago
manetta f732927679 added a public static folder path for flask to not break the image links 3 weeks ago
manetta 678e40334e new regex, to avoid overriding Image01.png with 01.png 3 weeks ago
manetta 7ca1fb4e9d syncing fonts 3 weeks ago
manetta f36276c754 sync 3 weeks ago
manetta 3db0116dd3 commenting out the headers in the wrapping template (they not needed, right?) 3 weeks ago
manetta 46c05d6c80 back up of todays work 3 weeks ago
manetta 3d54463839 pick FIRST image from the search result list 3 weeks ago
manetta 0e33df5f18 pick last image from API list, not first 3 weeks ago
manetta c9cd03ea71 adding variable geometry 3 weeks ago
manetta 96cbe5c8a9 adding variable geometry 3 weeks ago
manetta ae60b9edc4 adding /static/ to path 3 weeks ago
manetta ddf5216762 Merge branch 'master' of ssh://vvvvvvaria.org:12345/mb/volumetric-regimes-book 3 weeks ago
manetta 53f2bf9c5b adding variable geometr 3 weeks ago
mb 358dba694a 'LICENSE.txt' updaten 3 weeks ago
mb ace2675524 'README' verwijderen 3 weeks ago
mb 216ec82140 'README' toevoegen 3 weeks ago
mb ff5e77d1f2 adding cc4r as license 3 weeks ago
manetta 8a25f795af added item inventory links + fast loader mode 4 weeks ago
manetta 70290a14b1 back up of the print css 4 weeks ago
manetta 0a46a4dea5 pushing updates 1 month ago
manetta 1cfb17f232 backup print.css 1 month ago
manetta a97430278d started with a splitter for h2 headers 1 month ago
manetta 1a0c35dc03 adding a regex to remove the [] from footnotes 1 month ago
manetta d331964a64 backup of the print.css 1 month ago
varia server 24f4ea01b7 removing the nav buttons in the pdf preview view 1 month ago
varia server 17b055c5a3 adding stylesheet_pad var 2 months ago
varia server a35e53e290 stylesheet in web-interface is renamed to print.css 2 months ago
manetta aa6e3f305d new print.css stylesheet with fonts in cli 2 months ago
manetta ee2629f518 updating web interface in sync with cli 2 months ago
manetta 410834a095 renaming the main pdf stylesheet to print.pdf 2 months ago
manetta c87f8c3fb9 adding a rockwell shadow image, the font to be mimic-ed 2 months ago
manetta 2248dce8aa syncing the update script between the web-interface and command line version 2 months ago
manetta db1d5573a9 adding css syncing with the pad to the command line version 2 months ago
manetta 5b7508ce9b renaming the wrapping-templates folder 2 months ago