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  rra 27a5c9b1d7 minor tweaks 4 weeks ago
  rra 2278cd9d3d about_crawler now properly uses functions from fedicrawler 1 month ago
  rra f62bff244c repairs 1 month ago
  rra 65ddc49057 working on making the script importable by about_collector 1 month ago
  rra 27a6fb1a0a now continues where it left off last time 1 month ago
  rra 1b1e5b1e52 add info about new script 1 month ago
  rra 3f5d2bbad0 minor tweaks to fedicrawler & scrape 05-05-2020 1 month ago
  rra c003a6ae96 added new script to document mastodon about pages 1 month ago
  rra 0429659306 update readme 1 month ago
  rra 15d19e0435 update readme 1 month ago
  rra 30fe54a03e april 30 2020 1 month ago
  rra 1512278240 now based primarily on nodeinfo2, add socksproxy, filtering out weird stuff 1 month ago
  rra 2ab9879118 29/4 2020 1 month ago
  rra 26b4e4a868 april 2020 1 month ago
  rra b4c5d50a77 updated with a way to get around gab.best enumeration and better error logging 1 month ago
  rra ce613426d0 rerun scrape may 2019 1 year ago
  rra e9c8e8341c rerun scrape march 2019 1 year ago
  rra 59fd15dd7d small fixes 2 years ago
  rra 381e44b2d9 scraper now uses parallelism 2 years ago
  rra c2c1bbccaf scrape results of v2 on 07-06-2018 2 years ago
  rra 09d76040eb crawler now scrapes in parallel threads 2 years ago
  rra 776ac11b52 more info on methodology and where it is lacking 2 years ago
  rra da97f04832 scrape with metadata on 30/5/2018 2 years ago
  rra cb646ab40e made changes in file saving 2 years ago
  rra 4cac59e445 crawler now looks for instance metadata, started to abstract collection into functions 2 years ago
  rra d90366d4c6 gitignore and readme 2 years ago
  rra abbb8a6dd7 first version, crawls only the announced peers 2 years ago