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  decentral1se 57c2dbc881
Go back to using homebrew templating 13 hours ago
  decentral1se cdb2ce8b04
Save the DB when writing to it 13 hours ago
  decentral1se a7a948cb68
Don't need to specify keys 13 hours ago
  decentral1se 0a3ed438af
Try to fill out entire dictionary contents 13 hours ago
  decentral1se d5cb732aaf
Also run setup for previously invited rooms 13 hours ago
  decentral1se 8e8b54e3e1
Rener using built-in template 13 hours ago
  decentral1se 0f3c2e758b
Use default template file 13 hours ago
  decentral1se 99cd4e5d6d
Remove old avatar 13 hours ago
  decentral1se 64fc790962
Fix syntax error 21 hours ago
  decentral1se 6a606ad3dd
Use f strings for logging 21 hours ago
  decentral1se 3426b1fbb9
Also don't send logger here 22 hours ago
  decentral1se 3605a215f3
Don't pass logger anymore 22 hours ago
  decentral1se a407e3d483
Convert to string 22 hours ago
  decentral1se d427d58ff1
Use slixmpp provided message access here 22 hours ago
  decentral1se 623f2c8bb5
Move functions under the class to unify `self` usage 22 hours ago
  decentral1se d41e4b80bd
Extend room setup logic to invites also 22 hours ago
  decentral1se 86c8495e88
Re-use types here too 22 hours ago
  decentral1se a38515ab10
Make room_path local because not used elsewhere 22 hours ago
  decentral1se f3854ded5b
List reason in response 22 hours ago
  decentral1se ddf7f57ca5
Refactor media type detection and log when we miss it 22 hours ago
  decentral1se f6c7520f42
Mark as regex string 23 hours ago
  decentral1se 8773810efc
Classes are normally capitalised 23 hours ago
  decentral1se 46ca1b1fb5
Not required to return here 23 hours ago
  decentral1se 36eed56661
Use built-in logger 23 hours ago
  decentral1se 9625c991c6
No need to close, the context manager does it 23 hours ago
  decentral1se 3054fbf368
Remove unused imports 23 hours ago
  decentral1se b359d92021
Auto-formatter has something to say here 23 hours ago
  manetta 63365779e3 changing path to roomname (and not include the @muc.vvvvvvaria.org) 1 week ago
  manetta 1638748a21 missing comma 1 week ago
  manetta ad1cb276b9 setting room_path back to self.output + message.room in download() and write_log() 1 week ago
  manetta 7f3fd2c375 printing room_path info at setup 1 week ago
  manetta 1ccae03d1c room_path is almost correct 1 week ago
  manetta 0a29cd8fef pass self to the download function 1 week ago
  manetta 22944ec0c8 changing output to self.room_path 1 week ago
  manetta 17d71674ae output path is overwritten 1 week ago
  manetta 6918715868 upgrading logbot to xbotlib 0.16 1 week ago
  decentral1se 184b3fa099
Quote those 3 weeks ago
  decentral1se b1edd4bf19
Another run on the README 3 weeks ago
  decentral1se e7d31fb21b
Add notice 3 weeks ago
  decentral1se 0282b7ed1e
Take another pass on the README 3 weeks ago
  decentral1se 7a739b613e
Ignore those files 3 weeks ago
  decentral1se 29fcdc7cc4
Upgrade xbotlib 3 weeks ago
  decentral1se 92d4f9f3e7
Add the rest of the xbotlib bots 3 weeks ago
  manetta 192dbbc2a7 updating the download path 3 weeks ago
  manetta 1accd7d1c1 defining output_path for logs 3 weeks ago
  manetta 20d9d16879 removing the trailing slash at the server path 3 weeks ago
  manetta 3e26e76aa3 removing the requirements file from the LogBot folder, using the main one is more useful while working with supervisor on the server 3 weeks ago
  manetta 50d0353859 testing the hook 3 weeks ago
  manetta e0ff0ee72a syncing the help text with the readme file 3 weeks ago
  manetta a3670e70e6 testing the git hook 3 weeks ago