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mb 03e2dcd79e reverting back to prev time formatting, the iso format was a test 2 months ago
mb 04b4574649 switching date format of each post to ISO 8601 as well 3 months ago
mb c4859ecd85 switching date format to ISO 8601 3 months ago
mb ba2654cc8a added "controls" to audio and video tags 12 months ago
mb 9e49595755 editing the situated tails of logbot 12 months ago
mb 2e3b00cf4d 'LogBot/README.md' updaten 12 months ago
mb 6707dcd3c0 updating the README in preparation for AMRO 2022 12 months ago
mb 327e3496e3 removed timezone support: it made no sense, as logs are generated from the server anyway 1 year ago
manetta a7ba063ef8 adding pytz as a requirement 1 year ago
manetta c13612a69d logbot saves post under local timezone now (which is the timezone of the server) 1 year ago
manetta 0dab7a74e1 KeyError: 'url' 1 year ago
manetta a117709563 adding / between foldername filename 1 year ago
manetta b6de07fc7b adding foldername to baseurl 1 year ago
manetta 85e4c972d6 adding foldername to baseurl 1 year ago
manetta f711e6c0de renaming post class to message 1 year ago
manetta da02542dfe adding a @url reply to logbot 1 year ago
manetta 0fccef2337 adding a @url reply to logbot 1 year ago
manetta 3c3216c327 adding a @url reply to logbot 1 year ago
manetta ae2b4cee3a template works 1 year ago
manetta c60e7885e5 debugging why the html template does not work anymore 1 year ago
manetta 535a584bb1 XML Parsing Error: mismatched tag. Expected: </img>. 1 year ago
manetta b432127a50 adding baseurl to <enclosure> url + else statement to debug why media files are not included in <description> 1 year ago
manetta 82760cc950 replace media_post with media_path, now media_posts are dropped 1 year ago
manetta 47aa5473a5 writing HTML in templates, not in db + padding baseurl to templates to make images in the RSS work (hopefully) 1 year ago
manetta 9b49dbea79 remove bleach... it's a shame to make unreadable html docs 1 year ago
manetta 2d0391c5e5 rename feed.rss to feed.rss.xml 1 year ago
manetta ac459224a8 new title for rss feeds: title of feed + #num 1 year ago
manetta 49298b2ae2 adding media to the general post text, and using CDATA to display HTML elements in RSS' <description> element 1 year ago
manetta 101c111834 turning the title of a post into the key number 1 year ago
manetta dca11cf0c5 if folder is defined in db, then regenerate log in the folder name, not room name 1 year ago
manetta d8892cef99 harcoding the feed url, not the log url 1 year ago
manetta d371d90be4 simplifying the delete message 1 year ago
manetta e0f9577b47 adding recommended links to atom specs and atom log link 1 year ago
manetta 7e6d6bd846 editing the delete reply message, to display the url of the media file 1 year ago
manetta 6d7009d81c added an instruction on how to delete a file from the log when you send a media file (with the number in the message) 1 year ago
manetta ae24757290 RSS media url needs to be full url 1 year ago
manetta 644bce53a7 hiding the date in HTML logs, adding media files to HTML logs following the new db logic 1 year ago
manetta a2ff5b1f96 resolving RSS feed parsing errors: using a mimetype library to read media post metadata, added a pubdate + enclosure tag (for media files) + guid element 1 year ago
manetta 6879b73c3b matching the RSS build date with w3c standards 1 year ago
manetta 9944d2412c Merge branch 'master' of ssh://vvvvvvaria.org:12345/varia/bots 1 year ago
manetta 6b0fe8ad5a adding rss support + moving data structure logic to the python script 1 year ago
manetta 9485ab95b2 adding a template for the rss support :) 1 year ago
manetta d63c0320f8 simplified the template, moved the data processing to the python script 1 year ago
mb 98bb1a5cc3 Update 'LogBot/README.md' 1 year ago
mb 4d913f53fa attempt to improve the error message, added a references to the @help command 1 year ago
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rra 0369b3f8bc add lazyloading parameter to only load material which is close to the viewport 2 years ago
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Store that, woops 2 years ago
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Use jinja filter instead 2 years ago