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mb 3e5ec74dc1 api to accesspoints 3 months ago
mb da5a3b0b4e from api to feeds 3 months ago
mb 9a0db58fb6 from api to feeds 3 months ago
mb 357e9281c5 changing "API" to "feeds" 3 months ago
mb 85ab4670b1 renaming API into feeds, staying with one vocabulary 3 months ago
mb 1336fd1431 'feeds.txt' updaten 4 months ago
manetta e69bc8f998 adding try's and except's to catch errors 4 months ago
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manetta a430e41357 adding markdown support 6 months ago
manetta f6922739b9 adding markdown support 6 months ago
manetta 3f236e77ff adding markdown support 6 months ago
manetta bfc4f02735 adding a fallback for when feed URLs do not work 6 months ago
manetta af70f55774 not all feeds exist, so taking out the broadcast and uneasy repro logs 6 months ago
manetta 9accbf4456 trying to get around the pytz timezone warning The zone attribute is specific to pytz's interface; please migrate to a new time zone provider. For more details on how to do so, see https://pytz-deprecation-shim.readthedocs.io/en/latest/migration.html 6 months ago
mb ab7406ac74 adding logbot feeds 6 months ago
mb d9b805d507 logbot is not multifeeder proof yet 1 year ago
mb 1ca40b59a0 adding the x-y log to the multifeeder 1 year ago
manetta cf263c625a editing the page title to Multifeeder 1 year ago
manetta afa1d8c6d1 adding flask_apscheduler to update the Multifeeder every 10 minutes 1 year ago
manetta 9f5c25ab1b updating the readme 1 year ago
manetta 43ff9a572d updating the readme 1 year ago
manetta e4cb20f667 switching API/feeds order on the webpage 1 year ago
manetta 9c02d34f02 rewriting the template to make the page mobile-proof + adding short descriptions + new color scheme 1 year ago
manetta 8ca8bdd0ed editing API details 1 year ago
manetta 7595b5c31f adding API details to the README 1 year ago
mb 3b662460a2 testing if adding a feed using the gitea interface works 2 years ago
manetta 6d2f5d6bee testing the hook 2 years ago
manetta fa36900ffb editing the README 2 years ago
manetta 4ccddafa3a Merge branch 'master' of ssh://vvvvvvaria.org:12345/varia/multifeeder 2 years ago
manetta c59d206bed JSON responses, latest + today + past requests work, web interface is pink, header image added 2 years ago
mb b2cfd391f4 adding a link to the live version of the multifeeder 2 years ago
manetta 1bc6fbbf10 removed make activate 2 years ago
mb 450219fcf0 adding activate to the makefile (untested still) 2 years ago
manetta 64baad0c98 first step towards a RSS multiverse 2 years ago
manetta c94f456f06 adding a readme 2 years ago