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Mark as migrated 3 years ago
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Remove disabling comments 5 years ago
Luke Murphy c873adbfe5
Disable streaming for now 5 years ago
Luke Murphy e9bdefe338
Coment out problematic part for now 5 years ago
Luke Murphy 2435c49968
Resolve indetation issue 5 years ago
manetta 353f5a0acc added a fallback for rendering the website locally, where /var/www/stream does not exist 5 years ago
mb @ ts 5364009530 added the missing line (loop through pages) that makes the stream plugin work 6 years ago
mb@mb baec319404 Merge branch 'master' of https://git.vvvvvvaria.org/varia/plugins-custom 6 years ago
mb@mb 3a7fc865af work in progress on the stream plugin! 6 years ago
rra c304fcfc72 silencing output 6 years ago
mb @ ts abb64b784e added the ref number to the footnote 6 years ago
mb @ ts bdd673841b adding a stream muc-driven plugin 6 years ago
rra 4ded3cbc6c updated readme 6 years ago
rra d91a9e910b custom version of simple_footnotes 6 years ago
rra 04bdafae05 going from event- to event_ because pelican doesnt like - 6 years ago
mb@mb 466d35a876 renaming files 6 years ago
mb@mb 1cbfe0e6b3 placing the events-ics in the plugins-custom repo 6 years ago
mb@mb 539841521a added contact info the the plugin python file 6 years ago
mb@mb b061db4239 changing the .py filename 6 years ago
r 829142893c merged the two readme files 6 years ago
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