Varia's website
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Varia website

Hackity Hack Hack

$ git clone
$ cd
$ make

Visit the website at localhost:8000

Our Tools

The Varia website is made with Pelican, a static site generator written in Python. This means that the website is first generated on a computer (using Python, Jinja and Pelican) into a set of html pages, files and images. This set of documents is then uploaded to the server.

One of the things that Pelican uses is plugins. They are used to add extra features to the generation process of the website. In this repository there is a folder called 'pelican-plugins' and another one called 'plugins-custom'. The first one, 'pelican-plugins', is linked to the offical collection of plugins from the Pelican project pelican-plugins. The other one, 'plugins-custom', consists of plugins that we wrote ourself.

Posting Content

We're using Pelican to generate a static website. The main way to add content to the website is by making 'posts' in the folder content. This can be done either locally or via the gitlab interface by creating a new file. Make sure that each article contains at least the following at the top of the document:

Title: een nieuw initiatief
Date: 2017-07-07 18:32
Category: news
Tags: event, workshop
slug: the-name-of-the-html-page
lang: nl OR en
event_start: 2017-07-07 18:32
featured_image: /images/image.png

Articles are written in a markup language called markdown. Here is an overview of the syntax. You can also use the online editor in this Gitea interface to help you.