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crunk b9a42b219a force JPEG output, added My Hard-Drive Died Along With My Heart ,Thomas Walsklaar,2016 2 days ago
crunk f288d22994 resize images upon upload using pillow 2 days ago
crunk 6e0cf41c1a some small css fixes and straigtening out the menu bar 2 days ago
crunk 87b1348ddd added function comments and code cleanup 3 days ago
crunk a4986a2e84 added photo upload functionality but this is a work in progress 3 days ago
crunk e5a43b49b3 added a favicon 3 days ago
crunk fd7dc36b52 tested upload functionality with magium zine 3 days ago
crunk acc7d0da1a added a small bcrypt secret to protect edit pages 3 days ago
crunk 6fe2cda71a borrowing books functionality.. done 3 days ago
crunk dc1e3ce99f csv writer! you can add books now 2 weeks ago
crunk ab84fc8229 Everybody will wear black like me 1 month ago
crunk a48ae5310e I love git = stockholm syndrome 1 month ago
crunk da17e990c3 WIP uploadform, Up next is the CSV writer 1 month ago
crunk 469dfdd892 WIP uploadform, Up next is the CSV writer 1 month ago
decentral1se 6f7d1bc591
Use path on end of command 2 months ago
decentral1se d9493bb75c
Use venv'd python 2 months ago
decentral1se 2dc1c4da48
Add missing deps and sort 2 months ago
crunk a34cc1f634 Upcoming or latest event page 2 months ago
crunk 8fce482348 Added recommended books on past events page 2 months ago
crunk 8d80bb7c17 start of a WIP past events page 2 months ago
crunk 608b6baacb added SVG for upcoming and past read and repair events + css 2 months ago
decentral1se c5f8a74190
Add missing dependency 3 months ago
decentral1se 974eeeae7b
Woops, use main gitignore 3 months ago
decentral1se 58d537279f
Install local package as well for import paths 3 months ago
decentral1se 59cad45e4e
Move setuptools logic to package top-level 3 months ago
decentral1se 94f8c63996
Ignore build files 3 months ago
crunk 127fa03a73 potentially stupid book recommendation algorithm 3 months ago
crunk 1e714efb1d unsure whether interface should look like this 3 months ago
crunk 11b80eb5da Improvement to filter, you can now see what you have selected 4 months ago
crunk c595ce8658 luckily we have more copyleft than copyright books, also there is a single book view 4 months ago
decentral1se 1981905f32
Update docs for running 4 months ago
decentral1se 13d8d66871
Use ifmain hook to run app 4 months ago
crunk 0e9506e326 fixed small issue in vanilla js filter idea 4 months ago
crunk d0dac94911 added year filter and cleaned the code some more 4 months ago
crunk 230f242af5 cleaned up code with flake8 and black 4 months ago
crunk 456c674326 dropdown menu for publication types, more coming soon 4 months ago
decentral1se ae51aff36f
Fix setup instructions 4 months ago
decentral1se 54801dcc35
Wire up install docs and requirements 4 months ago
crunk fc1b8d7045 individual links to books are IDs from the csv file, main page is now author ant title 4 months ago
crunk 64b13c2023 removed duplicate css file 4 months ago
crunk 6bb95fb52e first commit of the varia library website 4 months ago